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May 1, 2020

5 Nepalese women strong enough in the field of information technology

By Nirdesh Pokharel
Timilaya Yami

Timilaya Yami: Assistant Dean of the Institute of Engineering Studies, Tribhuvan University

Timila, a professor of engineering. Timilaya Yami is the Assistant Dean of the Institute of Engineering Studies at Tribhuvan University. Many people know her as the first female engineering professor in Nepal. Timila, who did her SLC from Kanteshwari Rajyalakshmi School in Kathmandu in 2023 BS, has obtained higher education from the Indian Institute of Engineering, India and the United Kingdom. While working in the ICT sector at the government and private levels, she has been working in various organizations including the Information Technology Council, Tribhuvan University and Pokhara University, assisting in the development of IT and engineering courses, and the Rural Technology Fund. She has published more than 30 articles on women and ICT. “I am constantly working to promote women in the field of information technology. Information technology is not likely to be developed immediately. Therefore, Awareness programs are very important, ‘she said.

Ms Ratna Tara Tuladhar Baidhya

Ratnatara, the first woman IT chief in the banking sector

Ratnatara Vaidya is known as the first woman IT chief in the banking sector. Ratna Tara, who dreamed of becoming a teacher, did her MA in English. At that time, with the help of the US Embassy, ​​30 people from Nepal were given full data system international training, including Ratnatara. She then became a full-fledged computer programmer. She was successful in computer programming even in the United States and worked as a computer programmer from 1985 to 1981.

She is an idol for a woman who wants to become a computer programmer. She is the only woman to become the IT chief in the banking sector after entering the bank as an IT officer after the establishment of Nepal Bangladesh Bank.

She is currently the IT Chief of Prabhu Bank. Similarly, Ratna Tara is also the senior vice president of CAN Mahasang. Regarding the participation of women in the IT sector, she says, “Although it seems a bit more comfortable than before, women are still not open in this field.” Our society has given the mentality that housework is a woman’s job.

First female computer engineer of Nepal: Gunakeshari

First female computer engineer of Nepal: Gunakeshari

Gunakeshari Pradhan is a name that comes to mind as soon as a Nepali woman’s name is mentioned in IT. She is the first woman computer engineer in Nepal. Pradhan, who returned to Nepal as a computer engineer from Ukraine in 2042 BS, was appointed as a seventh level engineer on the same day she went to visit the office of Nepal Telecom. She started her career in Telecom by computerizing telephone payments and worked in System Analysis and Operations and Software Development.

Pradhan also supervised the expansion of GSM mobile and internet in Nepal. She is currently the Manager of the Operations and Maintenance Department of Telecom. “There was such a need for engineers in Nepal at that time. I and my friend went to the office of Nepal telecom to get information about the opportunities there. At the same day, they said, ‘we need you immediately take the appointment letter today.’ We were appointed in half an hour.”

Then the career started in the telecom company, ‘she said. At the age when women can aggressively enter the business sector, women are confined to the home due to domestic problems such as getting married, taking care of the house, taking care of the children, etc. She explains.

IT Entrepreneur Sunaina

IT Entrepreneur Sunaina

Born in Birgunj in 1978A.D, Sunaina Ghimire is a former vice president of the Pandey Computer Association of Nepal. Sunaina, who has been working since the age of 14, coordinated a project to localize in Nepali. Similarly, she helped to bring Nepali Unicode, date conversion, typing from Nepali language keyboard from within Windows.

Sunaina worked for a few years as an associate general manager at Tech One, which looks after Microsoft’s business in Nepal. Sunaina, who is currently the managing director of her own company ‘General Technology’ She also represents women at the central level of the CAN Federation.

She has coordinated dozens of women’s empowerment programs through CAN. Although she lost the last election to the presidency by a narrow margin, she is active in various campaigns for the awareness and development of technology.

Leading the company and proving that women can become competent entrepreneurs in ‘IT’, Sunaina is also an engineer who started an IT magazine in Nepal. As women have more domestic responsibilities and less time to be up-to-date in technology, participation in this field has been low, she said.

Mona, CEO of a software company

Mona, CEO of a software company

Mona Nyachcho Gopaju is the CEO of Logpoint Nepal. She holds a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Pokhara University and a Masters in Business Studies from Purwanchal University and a Masters in Public Administration from Tribhuvan University.

While working as an engineering student, she worked at her own computer institute and gained a lot of experience. She worked there doing computer maintenance, programming, imparting knowledge, teaching students through classes and labs, as well as doing research.

After graduating in 2006, she started working at Verisk Information Technology, a US-based software company. Mona, who managed to work as a senior software developer there, joined Danish-based IT company Logpoint in 2012. She became the first female employee there. She has been leading the company since 2014 as the CEO of the company due to her efficiency and dedication to work.