July 16, 2020

New milestone achieved for Online learning in Nepal.

By Nirdesh Pokharel

Online learning and online education have never been easy and practical in Nepal. Though students used to get some academic resources online, there was no way that students could instantly ask their questions or share their resources online. This was making online learning very passive and ineffective. But, the situation is being better now after Ask Mattrab being introduced.

Ask Mattrab is the online learning platform that is designed to be used by students. Any students from all over Nepal can instantly ask any questions and browse answers from 100s of resources in Mattrab Library. If no relevant answers are found, s/he can quickly sign up to Mattrab and ask her/his questions which will be answered by other students in Mattrab Community. Mattrab ranking system helps the question get the best answer among the answers from several students. This makes learning quick and easy and effective.

Further, if any students have good academics performance and willing to contribute to the community, s/he can simply request a Creator Badge and create resources that will be verified and published in Mattrab Library. These resources will be featured in her/his Mattrab Library that can be presented everywhere on the internet.

The goal of Mattrab is to bridge the gap between the quality of education in Nepal. They are doing it by making online learning easier and more effective. This is the milestone in the improvement of online education in Nepal.
Learn more about Mattrab: https://www.askmattrab.com/about
Visit Mattrab Application: https://www.askmattrab.com

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