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May 16, 2020

Butwal’s twin brothers ‘LovKush panthi’ made ‘Go-Corona Robot’ to serve infected

By Nirdesh Pokharel

Butwal’s twin brothers Lov-Kush, who built the ‘Go-Go Robot‘ a year and a half ago and the ‘Sanitizer Sensor Tunnel’ a month ago, have now built the ‘Go-Corona Robot’ again. 

Built after a month of hard work, this Go-Corona robot can deliver essential food, medicine, sanitizer and other items to patients with corona infection in isolation. Not only that, the robot works by talking to the patient to increase morale, provide entertainment and create a comfortable environment for the patient. 

The 4-foot-tall robot is equipped with a high-tech microphone, 12-megapixel camera and ultrasound speaker. Luku V7.0 (Lovkus) Version 7 of the robot used in this robot was informed by Lovkush. 

They said that the microphone attached to the robot can hear the human voice and even respond to the voice by understanding it through software. It is said that Rs 70,000 has been spent on the construction of the robot. 

He said the robot used less iron, wood and more copper, hard plastic and cardboard as it helped treat corona patients. The Go Corona robot is connected to a high-speed processor. This allows the robot to operate and control. 

Although the robot can be used from a remote control, using the same remote can lead to corona infections, he said, adding that an Android app has been developed for Go-Corona and the robot can be run through it. 

The robot, which can be operated without intervening, can be controlled at a distance of up to 1 km through a router. It can even be modified on the basis of need, says the inventor Lovkush Panthi. 

Lovkushage 15, is studying in class 11 at Butwal’s Tilottama College. 

How does a robot work through an app? 

Along with the robot, the twin brothers have developed the Go-Corona Control Android app. The robot is initially connected to the app via Internet Protocol (IP). It can then be controlled from the ‘data’ sent from the ‘mobile app’. The Internet is not used in this process. 

On the ‘screen’ in the app, you can see what the robot is doing from the ‘control room’. The robot is moved right-left, forward-backward, stopping and running all through the apps. 

Robot handed over to state government 

The Go-Corona robot made by the twin brothers has been handed over to the Ministry of Social Development of the province. They have handed over the robot to the ministry. 

The robot was handed over to Social Development Minister Sudarshan Baral by Lovkush brother. On the occasion, Minister Baral said that he was ready to provide necessary materials by encouraging such talents.