Nepal Telecom initiates to provide e-shikshya package -
May 2, 2020

Nepal Telecom initiates to provide e-shikshya package

By Nirdesh Pokharel

Nepal Telecom, the national telecommunication service provider of Nepal, has initiated the e-Shiksha Package with the objective to help people conduct online classes of schools and universities during the lockdown period. During the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning can help maintain social distancing and then reduce the transmission of CoronaVirus.

Nepal Telecom has launched these special e-learning packages to provide data services at a very affordable rate considering the difficult time. To use this package, the concerned educational institution shall provide the mobile number to the company. Nepal Telecom (NTC) initiated this service based on the request received from various universities and schools of the country. They had also consulted with government agencies to bring this initiative.

What’s in the e-Shiksha package?

Under this special package, users can buy 6GB data for Rs 260 along with 15 GB data for just Rs 500. Once bought, these packages will be valid for 28 days. The data obtained under 6 GB package has two-time slots. So, you can use the 3GB data out of 6 GB for 5 hours from morning 5 am to 10 am. While the remaining 3 GB data can be used anytime.

Similarly, the 15GB data which can be bought for Rs 500 can be also used for 28 days. Like the previous pack, this data package also has 6GB data to use for the morning 5 am to 10 am whereas you can use the rest 9GB at any time of the day.

Both the packages are meant for data service with GSM mobile which has 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. As the data volume is huge, we suggest you use 4G and 3G networks based on the availability of network in your place.


S.N. Ntc e-shikshya package Price 5 am to 10 am All-time data Validity
1 6GB data Rs 260 3 GB 3 GB 28 days
2 15GB data Rs 500 6 GB 9 GB 28 days

The price is inclusive of government taxes.

How to get the e-learning pack for students?

The company will provide the above service to the students and teachers based on the request sent to the Ntc email-address by the school and universities. This package is said to be provided under a much cheaper price compared to the regular price.

So, schools and universities that are interested in providing those packages, need to send a list of the mobile phones and the data plan to Ntc email address (which you can get after consulting Nepal Telecom).

If you are a student or teacher thinking of getting the packages, you need to ask your institutions to contact Nepal Telecom for the initiation of the above process.

After this, Ntc will send an SMS to those numbers with the ability to subscribe to the package by dialling *1441# for the package. After receiving the SMS, one can dial *1441# from the same number and purchase one of the two packages.

Earlier Ntc brought stay connected data and voice offers that are still available to buy.

This e-learning or online learning data package is expected to help teachers and students to conduct and participate in the online classes. It also assists them in downloading and exchanging education materials using various apps and software used for online learning.

This is a very good initiative taken by Nepal Telecom especially under this circumstance since it will help on a steady on-going curriculum for students all over the country.

Tell us what do you think of the Nepal Telecom e-shikshya package in the comment box below.