The world's fastest computer has identified 77 possible drugs against Covid-19 -
May 4, 2020

The world’s fastest computer has identified 77 possible drugs against Covid-19

By Nirdesh Pokharel

Scientists around the world are currently engaged in a great campaign to find vaccines and drugs against coronavirus. The longer it takes for drugs and vaccines to be discovered against the Kovid-19, which is wreaking havoc on the world, the higher the number of infected and casualties. Therefore, scientists are working day and night to find drugs against it and to find lost.

What many may not know is that NASA and IBM supercomputers are also being used in this research by scientists. NASA and IBM are allowing their supercomputers to be used in laboratories, companies, and related academics trying to make coronavirus vaccines.

In particular, the most important thing in finding vaccines and drugs against the rapidly spreading COVID-19 is the speed, and the world’s fastest computer (supercomputer) can help in this task.

In this regard, IBM’s supercomputer Summit analyzed thousands of simulations and helped Novel CoronaVirus find out which drug is most effective in preventing human cell infections.

IBM’s Summit Supercomputer was commissioned by the US Department of Energy in 2014. The main purpose of this computer is to find the ‘solution to the problems of the world’.

The virus infects human cells by inserting a genetic substance called a spike. Summit’s job is to find a drug that binds the spike and prevent it from expanding.

Researchers have created a model of coronavirus spike. The Summit supercomputer simulated how atoms and particles in viral proteins react to different drug compounds. In the process, the summit simulated more than 8,000 compounds that could bind to the spike protein of the virus. This will prevent the Nobel coronavirus from spreading or growing in human cells.

Out of more than 8,000 simulated drug compounds, Summit selected 77 drugs based on how they bind to the virus.

The summit had previously identified patterns affecting Alzheimer’s cellular system. It also analyzed the genes that trigger opium addiction. In addition, it also predicted bad weather based on weather simulations.

The summit has a power of 200 petaflops. That’s a million times more powerful than today’s fastest laptops.

NASA supercomputers are also being used in research on Covid-19. It is also helping to create potential vaccines and medicines. NASA has set aside its computer resources specifically for US laboratories, companies, and academic institutions for the Covid-19. For this work, NASA has specially set aside the Department of Earth Sciences, which has been providing satellite data to operate the weather models, basically to make predictions of the Earth’s weather.

Researchers working on projects related to Covid-19will be able to apply for the use of these supercomputers.

With the help of supercomputers, this initiative will help in slowing down the current epidemic and calculating the speed required to slow it down.

Source: ScienceNature.