What is SEO, what is not? Must-Know Facts

What is SEO, what is not? Must-Know 6 Facts


I came in contact with many businessmen. But no one had even a basic idea about SEO, that is, search engine optimization. Nor were they curious about SEO or how it works.

It’s not that small businesses and startups don’t have a clear understanding of SEO. But what SEO looks like from the outside or as it is thought in general, is actually a misunderstanding. It is necessary to understand this.

SEO is actually a process. Which works to increase the visibility of your website in web search engines and increase the quality and number of website traffic.

Many Nepali businessmen are going online. But they are not able to succeed in the ranking they should be. The reason behind this is that those professionals are not aware of what is happening in their SEO.

So they mistakenly sign up for a suspicious supplier. In my opinion, before engaging in any SEO, professionals need to know some basic things about SEO.

Fact no. 1.

If you want to get a cheap deal for your SEO, you can fall prey to such deceptive companies. Who will eat the foundation stone will either outsource the SEO freelancer or outsource to the new SEO.

SEO is a process that takes time. If you want to get some kind of rank, you have to wait for a certain time. You have to invest a lot for that. Not a few thousand rupees, you have to spend a lot of money.

Bad SEOs use cheap and useless techniques like free directory listening and blog comments to promote your website. Such techniques cannot do the job of promoting your website. So pay a good price and get good service.

Fact no. 2

If the SEO company promises to bring your website to the number one page on Google, then surely it is lying to you. I often see such deception techniques.

Many SEO companies are talking about bringing clients to their website page number one within 90 days and not having to pay any money for it.

If you believe in such things, in a few months you will see or experience its negative consequences. Such companies may rank you in some very non-competitive keywords, but you also need to understand what spam methods these companies have used for such rankings.

Nothing on Google can run so fast. If you want to get reliable and good rankings, you have to wait patiently. If you make the wrong decision in a hurry, it will affect your future online ranking.

The 90-day promise is flawed. It is impossible for a person with a general understanding of SEO to get an SEO ranking quickly and maintain it for a long time.

Fact no. 3.

You start an SEO campaign. Let it go well for six months. Then stop this process. Your ranking will be the wrong colour.

SEO is an evolving process. It requires constant fine-tuning and attention to make it better. You may have been ranked on the main keyword.

You’ve been in this place for a few months now. But if you stop the search engine optimization process, there is no guarantee that you will be in this position.

As we all know, Google is changing its ranking algorithm. Whether or not a change in algorithm will affect the ranking of your website profile depends on the hands of your SEO team.

So you need to be in constant touch with your SEO provider. Another important thing is how long will your competitors stay in their old rankings after you start to see an improvement in your rankings?

They will be proactive and will engage in another good SEO to keep you behind. In this case, if you do not try to improve your online, you are sure to fall behind. This is a process. It is necessary to pay attention to such things.

Fact no. 4.

SEO is one such thing, which you can do yourself. Do some research, talk to people who know about it. Take advice and save some of your money on SEO.

Take SEO as part of your marketing budget. If you do not have funds for this, prepare a fund. So you can get advice from experts.

You can also get advice from organizations or individuals who have done such work for a fee. But the concept of doing it yourself can also be beneficial for a while. But in the long run, you may have to bear the loss.

It is wise to think smartly and get it done by professionals. They have a good plan for future proof of your website. So that SEO can become a powerful marketing tool for your company.

Fact no. 5.

If you are frustrated with the SEO company of the past. But if you want to work in the old style, don’t expect too much from a new SEO company. Small budget, unrealistic time frame and cooperation

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