June 13, 2020

Xiaomi has released a 30,000 mAh Mi Power Bank that can charge 3 devices at once, along with 18W fast charge support.

By Mahendra kharel
  • Xiaomi has released a 30000 mAh Mi Power Bank 3 fast charge edition.Mi 30000 mah powerbank

The Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 comes at a price of CNY 170 about (24$).This powerbank can charge 3 devices at the same time along with 18W fast charging support through a USB Type-C port.

The 30000mAh Mi Power Bank 3 Quick Charge Edition includes one USB Type-C, two USB-A ports in size. complete and a microUSB.

This powerbank can charge a phone like Xiaomi Mi 10 (4,780 mAh) 4.5 times and the new iPhone SE (1,821 mAh) more than 10 times. The battery also has a low current mode for small devices like smart watches or Bluetooth headsets that are having trouble charging from some power banks and are now fixed.

The Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 itself can be charged up to 24 W with its USB-C port and the battery can be 100% charged in 7.5 hours.